In terms of supply we can procure stone from a number of quarries both in the United Kingdom and abroad, with the facility we have in Glasgow we can cut and profile stone for any project, both large and small. In terms of procuring stone for a project considerably quicker than the normal lead in time the following is a list of the common stone types available, please note this list is not exhaustive so please contact us with any specific requests.

Scotch Buff: Hutton Stone, Cumbrian Stone, Quarried by Blockstone

Location:  Quarried at Gatherby Moor Quarry, Richmond, North Yorkshire
Geology: Carbon ferrous westphalian sandstone
Colour:  Pale buff with varying degrees of brown flakes and darker markings.

Jura Limestone: Jura – Limestone & The SSG Geiger Co-operation (SGC)

Location:  Germany, North Bavaria
Geology:  Jurrasic
Colour:  Brown-Beige with some brown inclusions

St Bees: Stancliffe & Cumbrian Stone

Location:  Quarried West Coast of Cumbria
Geology:  Permo Triassic
Colour:  Red plum with a variation of darker beds.

Cove Red: Blockstone, Hutton Stone and Cumbrian Stone

Location:  Quarried at Dumfries & Galloway
Geology:  Triassic sandstone
Colour: Terracotta Red

Dukes: Blockstone & Hutton Stone

Location:  Quarried at Matlock, Derbyshire
Geology:  Carboniferous, Millstone grit
Colour:  Variegated pink/lilac/purple, veined bed markings

Peakmoor: Blockstone

Location:  Quarried at New Pilough Quarry, Matlock, Derbyshire
Geology:  Carboniferous/Millstone grit
Colour:  Buff/yellow some faint pink/brown iron intrusions

Stoneraise: Blockstone

Location:  Lazonby Fell Quarry, Cragnook, Penrith, Cumbria
Geology:  Permian
Colour:  Salmon pink/quartz sparkle

Wattscliffe: Blockstone, Hutton Stone, Cumbrian Stone

Location:  Cliffe Lane, Elton, Derbyshire
Geology:  Carboniferous/millstone grit
Colour:  Lilac/Grey

Ancaster Hard White Limestone: Blockstone

Location:  Lincolnshire
Geology:  Middle jurassics oolitic limestone
Colour:  Cream occasional yellow markings

Ancaster Weatherbed Mixed Limestone:Blockstone

Location:  Lincolnshire
Geology:  Jurrasic Limestone
Colour:  Beige/blue & beige/occasional pink variations

Dunhouse Buff: Dunhouse

Location:  Teesdale
Colour:  Blonde colouring, fine grain

Blaxter: Dunhouse

Location:  Otterburn in Northumberland
Colour:  Honey coloured, fine grained

Corsehill: Dunhouse & Hutton Stone

Location:  Annan Dumfriesshire
Colour:  Pink colouring and fine grain

Whitton Fell: AD Calverts

Location:  Leyburn
Geology:  Carboniferous sandstone
Colour:  Buff

Locharbriggs: Stancliffe & Hutton Stone

Location:  Dumfries
Geology:  Permian sandstone
Colour:  Red-pink, medium grained

Stanton Moor: Stancliffe

Location:  Matlock
Geology:  Carboniferous sandstone
Colour:  Buff with pink or gold, medium grained

York Stone: Clayax Yorkstone

Location:  Yorkshire
Colour:  Buff/blue/grey/brown

Caithness: Caithness Flagstone Limited

Location:  Caithness
Geology:  Calcareous Slitstone
Colour:  Dark grey

Darney: Stancliffe

Location:  Northumberland
Geology:  Carboniferous Sandstone
Colour:  Pale gold, yellow cream, light buff, white

Clashach: Tennants Elgin

Location:  Elgin
Colour: Buff, yellow, pink

Cullalo: Tradstocks

Location:  Fife
Geology:  Carboniferous
Colour:  Pale coloured

Out with the above our stone is sourced from a number of trusted suppliers and quarries within the UK and abroad, giving us access to a wide variety of materials to suit your requirements.